Friday, 6 November 2009

Looky looky...

Just What I Wanted!
Shinedown interview done and dusted! transcribing it right now and then going to crack on with some gig reviews! Big thanks to my mate Ste who I got into the gig for free to take the huge amount of photos for me to use!

Also gotta thank Brent Smith for coming up with a name for my magazine! It is now called...
The Metal Institute (yes its a play on a mental asylum hehehe)

Can't believe we got Access All Areas passes and even got to see Shinedown soundcheck 3 of their songs (All of them some of my favourites, added bonus!) Even caught a drumstick and got my album signed as a further bonus. Isn't life just great :D

Going to post a snippet of the interview on here as it ended up running on for 40 minutes.

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