Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back To The Front... Again

Yet Again I've let this blog become a bit of a shambles. So many albums have come out that I've wanted to review but after some much needed advice from people, there's no point reviewing albums that came out weeks even months ago (there's been at least 5 albums since then that came out I've missed the boat on). Too busy finding a job and now I've got my loner arse a gf (which is going quite well!) havn't given myself time or dedication infact to fill this fucker up. Here's a basic summary of my goings on of the last month or two:

  • Blew lots of money on imported things, mainly the deluxe box set of the new Godsmack album 'The Oracle', what an album I must say, straight up hard rock just how I like it :)
  • Checked out the Sonisphere Festival for the first time this year and had the time of my life, participated in such mental acts as getting my balls out to Smurfs (again) pitting to Slayer completely wankered in hotpants and a Dangermouse mask, and doing a classic 'YMCA' pose with the police, who I now like to call 'rozzifers'.
  • I have to say it right now and fuck all the pretentious twats: Sonisphere>Download. It's nice to finally have a festival that's for the fans rather than for the profit by raising their prices every single bastard year (AC/DC's attitude this year at Download was atrocious, though they were good live). Decent priced merchandise too guarantees a returning customer in me (if I can get a bastard job by then!
  • It's gig season again soon, usually a dry spell through the summer with festivals and albums coming out so bands don't usually tour until a while after. So far sent emails about interviewing a shitload of bands. Unfortunately got turned down by Stone Sour but Sum 41 is looking very promising, just seeing if it is ok to interview them at Manchester on their UK tour and if so, it's going up here and I'm gonna try and get it up on other websites (working on how the hell I do that like).
  • And that's pretty much all I've done other than hang with the missus and fail epicly at looking for a job, as there isn't any!

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