Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A few minutes with Jaret Reddick.

I recently emailed some questions for hilarious pop-punk veterans Bowling for Soup to answer. After a successful string of shows across the UK dubbed 'The Party in Your Pants Tour' the Texas natives ventured back to the States to promote their latest album Sorry For Partyin', here frontman Jaret Reddick shares his random thoughts on touring the UK, loving the fans and hating L.A...

  • So, did you enjoy touring the UK once again?

The tour was incredible as always! We had a blast

  • The Party in Your Pants Tour seemed to be UK exclusive at present time, is this intentional or do you plan on touring other areas under the same name?

No...It was JUST a UK thing...You guys are special!

  • Why do you always bring the same supports over? Is it because you have found the PERFECT support formula?

We don't really...But we have had the same bands on multiple tours...But yeah, we like to bring our friends!

  • What does it feel like being able to sell out VIP tickets and venues all over England?

It is the best thing ever...Our fans are so loyal and they support us year to year...We are very blessed

  • How do you prepare before going on stage, are there any pre-show rituals you like to do?

No...We just drink a lot of booze!

  • How do you feel the UK crowd differentiates from the rest of the world?

They are intense man! there is such an energy from UK audiences...

  • The new album Sorry For Partyinwent top 10 on iTunes, how did you guys celebrate?

Our entire life is a celebration!

  • Tell me about the recording of the new abum. Were you distracted at any point? And how fun was it to record?

It was great...The only hiccups were a few late nights that made the next days long...But we held it together....We always have fun in the studio!

  • Are there any particular highlights on the album? As in, what are your favourite songs and why?

I love them all...But I think "I Gotchoo" is a good one...And "A Really Cool Dance Song"...Great stuff!

  • Like in the song No Hablo Ingles, have you ever done or said something comical to get out of a tight situation?

Of course...Making folks laugh gets me out of everything!

  • Tell me about the songs A Really Cool Dance Song and I Gotchoo, theyre quite a departure from your other songs, emphasising on elements of dance music etc, were there any inspirations?

"A Really Cool Dance Song" is sort of a play on the movement of dance songs in the US right now..."I Gotchoo" - Was written on the beach...I think it sounds like the beach!

  • In light of the song, do you actually possess any hatred for LA? If so, why?

Not the city...I hate the attitude...People in LA don't think their shit stinks...But shit stinks!

  • You commented on your Twitter that there was enough material for a double album. Could a double album be a possibility in the near future? and will the left over material be released at some point?

All of the songs will get out there one way or another!

  • When you’re not touring what do you guys like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time with my kids. But I keep really busy with my label, and doing writing, voice and production for film and TV...

  • If you had the choice what other musical instrument would you like to include on a regular basis?

I'd love to have someone play keyboards and guitar on a tour sometime.....It would add a cool element!

  • I understand that you never play to a setlist at any show, has this at any point in your career not gone according to plan i.e fuck ups etc?

Ha...Yes...One of the first REALLY big shows we played, I started a song we had already played...The beauty of being in BFS is we can turn anything into a joke

  • You received an overwhelming response to your hilarious performance at the Download Festival in 2007, what was it like to hear 70 thousand people in unison shout Im Gay and do you plan on returning next year?

It was amazing...Always cool to play with heavy bands and win their fans over! and yes, we will be back this year!

  • Youre known for covering songs by the Ramones and Black Sabbath, are there any other songs you have considered covering live and would like to play?

We actually did Katy Perry "Hot and Cold" on the UK tour....It went over great!

  • Is there any news on the forthcoming documentary My Home Town?

It is on the backburner for now...We will do it soon!

Bowling For Soup 'Sorry for Partyin' is out now on Amazon

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