Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Templating it up

Woohoo! Got the email I've been waiting for! Bagged an interview with Shinedown on their UK tour over here. Already got a ticket to catch their show in Manchester so should be awesome (though I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't in fact filling my pants with you know what). Still waiting to get my questions back off Bowling For Soup, who themselves are currently ploughing their way through the UK! Managed to catch their show in Manchester the other night. It was pretty good, although I now share complete hatred and distaste for ANYONE who picks up VIP tickets. You already see the band close up in the day while we freeze in the cold for 5 hours so what makes you think you're better than us to be at the barrier? twats.

At the moment just getting some templates together in Quark Xpress, at the risk of sounding like an elitist arsehole mac user, I have to say I'm loving using Quark on this MacBook Pro. Although it is a pain when it comes to deleting certain boxes. Gutted about some of my Skindred photos because when I import them into Quark they're too small and they pixelate when I expand them. Wouldn't mind but I got the photos off a professional photographer. Nevermind I'll have to use a different gig as my lead into the gigs section, hopefully Shinedown considering I've hopefully got my mate in for free to take some pictures for me. Here's hoping his pictures don't suffer the same fate.

Off topic if you're an aspiring journalist and wish to interview people here's what NOT to do, this helped me take comfort in the fact I won't be this bad when I interview a multi-platinum rock band next week...

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