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Last piece pretty much! Bit pissed off some font hasn't come up YET AGAIN.Random Shite Section

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News Section!

75% Done! Just need to add two more pages to it!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Interview: Lord Nelson from Stuck Mojo

I recently conducted an interview with Stuck Mojo rapper and frontman Lord Nelson; who replaced the departing Bonz in 2007.

Since 1989 Stuck Mojo have been one of the pioneers of the rap-metal movement along with Clawfinger and more notably Faith No More. Guitarists Rich Ward and Mike Martin, former bassist Dan Dryden and former guitarist Ryan Mallam formed Fozzy in 1999 with WWE superstar Chris Jericho (Christopher Irvine).

· What made you join Stuck Mojo?

I was asked to do some guest vocals on the Southern Born Killers Album by my good friend Bonz. We had an awesome recording session and I let them know that if they needed anything else just give me a call. A few months later I spoke with Bonz and asked him about hearing the tracks. He informed me that he was considering leaving the band. He was out of town and the conversation was brief. We did not get into why. He then told me to call Rich and ask him about the songs. I called Rich and left a message. Rich called me back about a week later and asked me if I would be interested in helping him write some songs. I told him of course. At that time we did not get into why Bonz was leaving the band. He did tell me that they were in the process of interviewing new lead singers. My participation was only in a writing capacity. As the writing process went along we had conversation about Bonz and the band. I let Rich know that I loved Bonz and the only way I would see him was as my friend no matter what happened. Rich let me know that he loved him too. We left it there. Rich and I could tell that we had a great chemistry with the music and lyrics. Rich let me know that they were not having any success with finding a new singer and asked if I would be interested. It really caught me off guard. I told him I would have to think about it. First of all Bonz is a good friend of mine so this was going to be a difficult decision. After a lot of soul searching, prayer and conversation with family I decided to do it. It was a chance of a lifetime for me. Now here I am.

· Where you already familiar with the band and were you a fan?

I was introduced to them by a classmate of Bonz and myself. After the first show I was hooked. Yes a big fan.

· Did you have any worries whether the fans would embrace you or not?

I'm a confident dude. I stay positive and optimistic. I knew I could never replace Bonz. I wasn't trying to. All I wanted was a chance to do me, to show them Lord Nelson. The majority of the Stuck Mojo fan base embraced me. Of course you have those that say I hate this dude. He sucks. They have every right to their opinion. I actually could careless about those who do not like me. I keep my focus on those who do.

· What influenced the band’s decision to release 2007’s ‘Southern Born Killers’ free for download?

The state of the music industry. The thinking was that so much music is being pirated that it made sense to put it out there free. We just asked that if you enjoyed it to make a donation. We have no regrets about it. It was a good feeling to give back to the loyal Stuck Mojo Family.

· With Rich Ward etc currently doing the rounds with Fozzy how do you keep yourself busy?

I am always writing. I actually recorded two songs with two of the Bands we toured with. Sick Of It All with Ektomorf which is on their new album What Doesn't Kill Me and Changing of The Guard with my boys Vengince on their new album A Turn For The Worst. Both great songs. I am also working on my solo project with the help of many of these same dudes. Mike Martin, Sean Delson, Steve Underwood, Joe Tash, Dank from Vengince, Simon DeWinter, I'd fight Gandhi from Ireland and hopefully the Duke, Eric Bass of Shinedown fame and Zoli from Ektomorf. Right now it's all good.

· With a strong hip-hop background what are your opinions on today’s hip-hop artists? Do you think the more pop-orientated hip-hop (lil' Wayne etc) has ruined the public opinion of the genre and reduced it to 'guns, bitches and money'?

Great question. I just think it is their time to shine. The younger generation is an A.D.D. generation. They don't care about longevity. They want the next hot thing. That's why so many of the artists are one hit wonders. I believe it's just the cycle of those getting older not being able to deal with the change very well. All genres of music have gone through it on some level. I respect Lil Wayne and all the others in Hip Hop. I might not agree with the subject matter but I respect the fact that they have freedom of speech. Guns, Bitches and Money will always be topics for some. It's all what we choose to listen to. I just love music. When it's hot, it's hot simple as that.

· Is there any modern hip hop artist you would love to collaborate with?

I would love to Collaborate with all of them. I feel that confident about what I bring to the table.

· UK pirate radio station Radio Xanadu has treated fans to a taster of new Stuck Mojo material. Is there any news on any further new material as of late?

We have a few things in the works right now. Just waiting on the Duke to give the go sign then it's on. Looking forward to creating another great album.

· Do you have any comments on the resurgence of rap metal? Considering the reunions of Faith No More, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine of recent years.

It's awesome! It's needed. Nothing like mixing the two. I call it Hip Metal. Something about it that just gets you geeked up. That tension and release. I want it and crave it. Let's do work! I plan to be right in the mix.

· A lot of new bands seem to have more focus aimed towards their fashion than their actual music to get by. Do you think that this is influenced by society’s celebrity culture or is there more to it?

Truly the celebrity culture. Television is always telling you what cool is. Fashion plays a giant part in this. Nirvana bucked the system with the grunge movement and it touched millions. You just have to do what makes you feel good. You never know what or who will be the next voice of the culture. It might be you bro.

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Video of the Day! #7!

Inspired by the Electric Six debate from Journalism hehe

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Taste of Chaos Review Layout!

Taste of Chaos Review

Video of the Day! #4!

Kind of skipped out on bunging a video up yesterday, mainly because I went to see Trivium and Chimaira. Never wanted to punch so many kids in all my life the way they pandered to Trivium and ignore the superiority of Chimaira. Anyway been doing my double page spread on the Taste of Chaos from last year, keep letting myself get distracted with cups of tea and last minute mothers day stuff. Anyways it'll be up here tomorrow as it's 85% done!

Here's my vid of the day anyway!

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Video of the Day! #3!

I don't think this needs a reason!

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Video of the Day! #2!

Well originally I was going to post up 'A Looking in View' by the great Alice in Chains but unfortunately the damn embed code's been disabled (frickin' major labels!) well luckily this one's still available so if you haven't seen it yet check it out! It's Alice in Chains' 'Check My Brain'

I think this videos quite good as the video backdrop makes it look surrealistic and as if the
band are in constant movement. The essence of the song is there in the visuals, as Jerry Cantrell
has said the song represents the anti-California 'California', in effect capturing the dark stigma surrounding
the city. Enjoy!

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Video of the Day

Kind of ripping off Matt's 'Pic of the Day' on his STADIUM blog (hehe). Thought I'd might as well put a music video of the day up each day in between sticking up my layouts and written work. I can't honestly say I'm a fan of the band but this is one of the best videos out there at the moment and it tops their classic treadmill video for 'Here It Goes Again' that racked up a whopping 50 million views on Youtube. But here it is anyway, OK Go's second video for This Too Shall Pass

It's hard NOT to love this video. It shows that alot of time and consideration has been taken in
order to pull it off, which is what I like when it comes to music videos, rather than just the
mundane performance videos you normally see. Rube Goldberg machines aren't easy and can take
forever to get right, but it is amazing how they have managed to film all of this in one take.
How many times it took to film however is a mystery, but it must've taken months to build!

Gig Reviews Layout Pt.1! Pt.2 Coming Soon!

Gigs Template_Layout 1

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Top Ten Albums of 2009 Number One!

Some Scribd problems as the file was, in the nicest terms possible 'fucking massive' but had to remove some drop shadow, convert to Jpeg and bung it up as it is!

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Top Ten Albums of 2009 10-2

Finally got Scribd working! Still a few tweaks need working out, particularly why 'Alice in Chains' font decided to mess up!