Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the words of Staind: It's Been a While...

Fuck me it's been a while since I've been on here! Even after promising I'd keep up to date with everything. Well as I already reported earlier Uni officially finished just over a week ago, and Carnage! is done and dusted (printwise anyway). This means that I'll probably not get to see a lot of people again :( However in somewhat good news me and some friends have got alot of ideas going on in how we can expand on my little blog by making our own site with everything that makes us awesome on it! In the meantime I've got some plans to carry on with my whole interviewing and reviewing bollocks when I get a good chance, starting with a potential Alter Bridge interview I'm hoping to bag! Just gotta wait nearer to the gig date to find out! So in between that and getting pissed and dancing to Lady Gaga in discos (God bless birthdays hehe) I'm gonna get my head down into some reviewing, starting with the recently released 'The Oracle' by the almighty Godsmack! Most of you (well probably the one or two who actually still read up here) probably wont know who this band is despite me constantly marking out whenever I hear their songs or name mentioned (save the Alice in Chains comments because quite honestly theyre boring to hear; the comments not AIC because quite frankly theyre kings!) All I'm saying for now is its a fucking killer record! Here's the video for their recently released single 'Crying Like A Bitch' Enjoy!
Personally I'm not a big fan of the video. Mainly because I feel too many people are jumping on the whole UFC bandwagon and its becoming more of a trend to some. I see people wearing this 'Tapout' gear and from the look of them it's as if they wear it just to say 'yeah I'm hard bring it' as they walk with what can only be described as either a pitbull or their latest girlfriend on a lead. Trust me if you see half of these people in the street and you ask them who Brock Lesnar or Frankie Edgar are then trust me, they wouldn't have a fricking clue

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Final Product!

Well its been printed and here's the results

Unfortunately the fonts on my letters page and my reviews page didnt print properly so the titles look a bit crap :( also the left of the front page has a little bit missing (evident giving half an A is missing) but I guess it'll have to do, Quark is to blame for that measurement f*** up!

(Sadly the font for 'Rated' didn't show up =[ even though Im sure I managed to work my way round it...)