Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Back To The Front... Again

Yet Again I've let this blog become a bit of a shambles. So many albums have come out that I've wanted to review but after some much needed advice from people, there's no point reviewing albums that came out weeks even months ago (there's been at least 5 albums since then that came out I've missed the boat on). Too busy finding a job and now I've got my loner arse a gf (which is going quite well!) havn't given myself time or dedication infact to fill this fucker up. Here's a basic summary of my goings on of the last month or two:

  • Blew lots of money on imported things, mainly the deluxe box set of the new Godsmack album 'The Oracle', what an album I must say, straight up hard rock just how I like it :)
  • Checked out the Sonisphere Festival for the first time this year and had the time of my life, participated in such mental acts as getting my balls out to Smurfs (again) pitting to Slayer completely wankered in hotpants and a Dangermouse mask, and doing a classic 'YMCA' pose with the police, who I now like to call 'rozzifers'.
  • I have to say it right now and fuck all the pretentious twats: Sonisphere>Download. It's nice to finally have a festival that's for the fans rather than for the profit by raising their prices every single bastard year (AC/DC's attitude this year at Download was atrocious, though they were good live). Decent priced merchandise too guarantees a returning customer in me (if I can get a bastard job by then!
  • It's gig season again soon, usually a dry spell through the summer with festivals and albums coming out so bands don't usually tour until a while after. So far sent emails about interviewing a shitload of bands. Unfortunately got turned down by Stone Sour but Sum 41 is looking very promising, just seeing if it is ok to interview them at Manchester on their UK tour and if so, it's going up here and I'm gonna try and get it up on other websites (working on how the hell I do that like).
  • And that's pretty much all I've done other than hang with the missus and fail epicly at looking for a job, as there isn't any!

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Friday, 23 July 2010

LIVE: Zuprowski Connection - Bumper, Liverpool 22nd July

It is interesting to discover Cypher 16's summer tour is being headlined by up and coming hard rockers Zuprowski Connection, but it is just for this show only. The look of the Bumper venue in Liverpool tonight is set out the way any good metal gig should be; claustrophobic and allowing crowd-band communication, or so it seems. With a late start, opening act Whytewater kick off to an unfortunately bland start. With no real stage presence to speak of they fail to back up their generic metal/rock arsenal, let alone gain much crowd interest. Things soon look up as local heavily metallers Pandemik wake the crowd up in a violent death metal frenzy. It's good to see a band that not only produces heavy music leaning much more to Behemoth and Emperor as opposed to the metalcore of today, but more to the point, has a good sense of humour to go with it. Vocalist Moses runs back and forth from the stage during songs, humorously forcing people to stand closer and watch them rather than sit at the back. Why pay to see bands when you're just going to sit there? I asked myself. With song titles such as 'My Right Hand' (said to be about "Thing from The Adams Family becoming a barrister!") and 'Satan Helps Me Kill' ("Oh this one's about death it's great this one!" Moses says with such an overwhelming joy to his voice) Pandemik, it is safe to say, are crazy bastards, and that's why they are so good. Next on the bill is the thrash metal brilliance of Entropy, who border along Metallica/Slayer territory (think Metallica riffs with Tom Araya vocals and you've got the idea). Unfortunately thanks to a blown amp they have to cut several songs out of their set but they still get the crowd going. With thrash metal becoming more popular in recent times it's only fitting that Entropy are leading the local scene. London's own Cypher 16, tonights headliners, despite playing a sub-healdining spot tonight deliver a headlining performance. Garnering as many circle pits and walls of death than your average Lamb of God or Devildriver gig (one person is even body slammed by an over-excited reveller). They also deliver the first cover song of the night, a blistering run through of Metallica's 'Creeping Death'. Not your average band, with influences as wide as a black hole they cover everything from thrash to symphonic metal, check them out next time they play your local venue. Grunge may have fallen out of favour with many, but Zuprowski Connection are on a mission to keep it alive, and tonight they don't disappoint. Their alternative take on the genre is unique in it's own right, as they rock through 'The Mirror's Light' with it's speed-funk drum intro it is the perfect headbanger to start a set. Singer Mark Smith's powerful vocal range can still be heard over the noise despite limited amp use. Although there is limited interaction with the crowd they are far from sombre, tearing through sludgy number "I Am" (one of my favourite songs off their s/t album). The biggest crowd pleaser has to be their unique cover of the Divinyl's smash hit 'I Touch Myself' which get's the biggest sing along of the night. With time to spare they finish with a cover of Tool's 'Stinkfist' bringing an end to an eclectic night of heavy metal madness. 8/10

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Back From The Dead! Korn III: Remember Who You Are

'Nu-metal' is a term that may often leaves a sick taste in the stomach of many metal purists, but there's no denying that nobody does it better than Bakersfield's own pioneers KoRn, who return to form with their new album III: Remember Who You Are. The band once thought to be dead, with the departure of founding member Brian 'Head' Welch and more recently drummer David Silveira, 2007's Untitled release was considered a critical and commercial disaster (though it did receive Gold certification). With the addition of now full time member Ray Luzier; original members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu return to the down-tuned sound that put them on the map to begin with. For this there was only one man for the job; producer Ross Robinson (the man behind 'KoRn' and 'Life is Peachy'). All of this fits perfectly with the albums title of remembering who KoRn are!

Track by track it is like being transported back to their early days, and that can only mean one thing, 'raw aggression. First single Oildale, the name of a neighbourhood close to Davis' hometown, is arguably on a similar level to the classic Blind, with it's darkened tone and headbanging riff it is classic KoRn, something that has been missing on the last few records. In spite of the frenzied nature of musical style there is a sense of focus on this album, as each song compliments the other in terms of sound as well as lyrical style. Pop A Pill demonstrates the funkier side of KoRn while still remaining as heavy as can be. Drummer Luzier is beyond impressive, displaying a more technical style to his predecessor, complimenting the frenzies guitar and bass combination. Move On; one of the more stripped back sounding songs, moves in and out of chaotic territory, with Jonathan Davis at first sounding calm before storming through a devastating chorus that could be seen as an attack on KoRn's critics and doubters.

The more slowed down The Past, allows room for Fieldy to shine, unleashing his signature bass style and create a disturbing dual sound with Luzier's drums, as Munky's guitar sound creeps in the background. the atmospheric punch of Never Around shows a brutality only hinted at in the past, further demonstrating their determination. If at this point you're not convinced that KoRn's anger fizzled out long ago, I suggest you listen to 'Are You Ready To Live', possibly one of the more brutal sounding songs Korn has ever written, made even more disturbing with Jonathan Davis' whispered vocal style and soft melodies, that instantly change to screams and violent drum sounds. Closing track 'Holding All These Lies' launches into an almost thrash metal tirade before straining itself for a heart whelming finale not to be forgotten.

With a new record label in Roadrunner and a newfound hunger, KoRn may just as well have delivered their best album since 'Issues'. Also stripping away the mask they chose to wear through their last few experimental records has given Korn a new lease of life, in remembering who they are.

Top Tracks: Oildale (Leave Me Alone), Pop a Pill, the Past, Are You Ready To Live?, Holding All These Lies

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the words of Staind: It's Been a While...

Fuck me it's been a while since I've been on here! Even after promising I'd keep up to date with everything. Well as I already reported earlier Uni officially finished just over a week ago, and Carnage! is done and dusted (printwise anyway). This means that I'll probably not get to see a lot of people again :( However in somewhat good news me and some friends have got alot of ideas going on in how we can expand on my little blog by making our own site with everything that makes us awesome on it! In the meantime I've got some plans to carry on with my whole interviewing and reviewing bollocks when I get a good chance, starting with a potential Alter Bridge interview I'm hoping to bag! Just gotta wait nearer to the gig date to find out! So in between that and getting pissed and dancing to Lady Gaga in discos (God bless birthdays hehe) I'm gonna get my head down into some reviewing, starting with the recently released 'The Oracle' by the almighty Godsmack! Most of you (well probably the one or two who actually still read up here) probably wont know who this band is despite me constantly marking out whenever I hear their songs or name mentioned (save the Alice in Chains comments because quite honestly theyre boring to hear; the comments not AIC because quite frankly theyre kings!) All I'm saying for now is its a fucking killer record! Here's the video for their recently released single 'Crying Like A Bitch' Enjoy!
Personally I'm not a big fan of the video. Mainly because I feel too many people are jumping on the whole UFC bandwagon and its becoming more of a trend to some. I see people wearing this 'Tapout' gear and from the look of them it's as if they wear it just to say 'yeah I'm hard bring it' as they walk with what can only be described as either a pitbull or their latest girlfriend on a lead. Trust me if you see half of these people in the street and you ask them who Brock Lesnar or Frankie Edgar are then trust me, they wouldn't have a fricking clue

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Final Product!

Well its been printed and here's the results

Unfortunately the fonts on my letters page and my reviews page didnt print properly so the titles look a bit crap :( also the left of the front page has a little bit missing (evident giving half an A is missing) but I guess it'll have to do, Quark is to blame for that measurement f*** up!

(Sadly the font for 'Rated' didn't show up =[ even though Im sure I managed to work my way round it...)

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Magazine All together!

Haven't been on here in AGES! now but doesn't mean I've been sitting around in my pants doing nothing... Ok I have done, but for good reason... I finished this bad boy ages ago now and its currently being printed ready to hand in asap. Just thought I'd bung up the pdf of Carnage in its entirety to save scrolling through some of the loose pages I've got on patrol on here! Enjoy!