Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Shinedown Interview Snippet and Another Review!

Here's a couple of minutes from my interview with the platinum selling SHINEDOWN. They are just genuinely nice guys just doing what they love to do and from what I could tell from them they do genuinely care about their fans as well as each other. They didn't shy away from several jokes which I haven't included as I swear and make enough poor taste jokes as it is. I've also done a review for their latest album 'The Sound of Madness' which came out over here in the summer yet came out in America last year. Boy these record labels are strange.

Now THIS is how you make an impact. A year after its release in their native US, the Jacksonville rock quartet unleash their third album in the UK. Little has been said about Shinedown until they made their UK debut late 2008 supporting Disturbed. Since then upgraded venues, sell out shows and a festival appearance have gained them a huge following this side of the water. Their previous albums, 2003’s Leave a Whisper and 2005’s Us and Them, demonstrated their hard driven determination in hits such as ‘Fly From The Inside’ ‘Save Me’ and the controversial ‘45’. Various line-up changes haven’t phased Shinedown one bit, as they step up their game and have released an album worn truly on their sleeve. It gets off to a fast paced start with the hard hitting ‘Devour’, a song displaying impressive fast paced (if now sadly dated) lyrics aimed at the Bush regime, backed up by Earth shattering drumming from Barry Kerch . Human emotion has never been so well expressed in an album such as The Sound of Madness. ‘If You Only Knew’ which frontman Brent Smith has confessed to being the only love song he has ever written, passes by with elegance all the while avoiding the schmaltz of a typical love song. ‘Call Me’ marks the first time the band stray from using traditional instruments in favour of a sole piano ballad, showing that they aren’t afraid to stray from their heavy roots and displaying why Brent Smith is one of the best rock singers of today. The anthems keep coming in the form of ‘Second Chance’ the most personal sounding song on The Sound of Madness. Leaving your family behind can be an emotional experience but the story Brent tells in his own words leaves you with a sense of optimism, as well as a reason to believe why Shinedown are one of the ‘new’ exciting bands to look out for.

Best Songs: Devour, Sound of Madness, Second Chance, Call Me, Sin With a Grin

You can buy the album on iTunes and Amazon now

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