Saturday, 7 November 2009

Reviewing like a mofo

Writing a tonne of reviews atm, so far got through Slayer's new album, Breaking Benjamin's and getting through SOiL's new alb. Thought they were quite good at the Shinedown gig. The singer AJ stood on my shoulder and sang Halo which was quite funny. Anyway here's a rough draft of my Slayer review, still a working progress so if it's crap it's crap! (much like my thoughts on the alb hehe)
Slayer - World Painted Blood

When Slayer released ‘Christ Illusion’ in 2006 all hell broke loose. Banned in India and containing lyrical content that would make any terroris

t weak at the knees it propelled Slayer back into the forefront of thrash metal. Sadly on this, their 11th album it appears the cracks are showing. Guitarist Kerry King said of the album "I think this one has a little bit of everything more so than anything we've done since Seasons. So I would imagine people are gonna compare it to that one." In a way he is right, but for the wrong reasons. What is strange about World Painted Blood is that all the great elements of a Slayer record are there, but it just doesn’t feel as though the blueprint is good enough. Riffs reminiscent of the ‘classic’ Slayer era (Reign In Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss) fail to hit the mark, combined with the familiar lyrics dealing with serial kil

lers and sexual deviance. Slayer are beginning to sound like a band trying so hard to recapture their glory days and failing. That being said there are at the very least one or two solid songs on here to please the fans. The title track continues the noticeable tradition with Slayer albums that each title track (or in some cases, the song that references the album title) is without a doubt one of the better songs. The thundering ‘Hate Worldwide’ is the standout moment. Although it is Slayer-by-numbers, the rage-driven guitar riff matched with Dave Lombardo’s devastating drumming makes it is destined to become a live favourite. Somewhat frantic yet at the same time uninspiring, rumours of Slayer calling it a day may well and truly come to be if World Painted Blood is anything to go by.

Top tracks: World Painted Blood, Hate Worldwide, Psycapothy Red

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