Saturday, 24 October 2009

To title or not to title?

Can't think of an idea atm for a name for the magazine (although one blunt genius of a friend suggested an idea or two as it'd be a magazine like Kerrang and Metal Hammer. Although I fail to see the name 'Merrang' setting the world on fire...)

Anywho got an idea for a letters section. Instead of the usual random rants and musical politics you see 13 year old kids sending in; thinking that they warrant a credible opinion as to what real music is (bearing in mind half these kids metaphorically masturbate off 'fashion' bands like Bring Me The Horizon and My Chemical Romance). I thought I'd take it in a different path and get some people to write down their favourite gig memory or anything to do with music in their life i.e funny stories at gigs, meeting bands or anything of that origin etc. Just to give it a more human approach.

On the subject of Bring Me The Horizon etc I've come up with another feature that I best get cracking onto. Slightly inspired by Jack's 'So You Want To Be A Metalcore Singer' feature he's writing. I thought I'd write a short on how the image of a band has become more important in selling bands rather than their music. At the risk of sounding biased I freely admit I hate this 'emo' trend that shot up over the last 5 years or so. They offer nothing except ball-restricting pants, lego haircuts and a tonne of scars on a whiney kids arms which pissed off and scared the parents of America

It pains me to see these days that bands like Paramore, who when you actually sit down and listen to instead of looking at them with your mouth open. You'll see that they're offering nothing new and selling a tonne of records as compared to in my opinion far more superior bands such as Mastodon. Although admittedly not to everybody's tastes continuously raise the bar creatively with each album they've released and have received critical acclaim yet are criminally under-looked (Their latest album 'Crack The Skye' my favourite album this year, and possibly one of my all time favourites, has only sold around 200,000 copies in America). Anyway not too much to report, and hopefully should recapture a bit of motivation that I've lacked this week to tame this beast!

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