Thursday, 15 October 2009

Transcibing and unwinding

Just had a crack at the new trailer for The Expendables, Stallones way of getting everyone whose ever been hard in a film (or in a wrestling ring) and ripping stuff up on a big scale. Can't wait to see this film, although it'll inevitably possess more ego than Kanye West's diary...

Finally got round to transcribing the Dead By April interview, spent two hours solid typing up everything. At this point I think it went a bit too far because I ended up writing over THREE PAGES and I still had another four minutes of audio to write up. A photographer I met at the gig has granted me the use of some of her photos so I can write up a gig review to bung into the magazine, and as I've already told her she will get photo credits ;)

Sent off my questions for Bowling For Soup to their A&R guy at their record label so should have them up some time soon! Not to go into too much detail but I basically asked a few bog standard question such as:
  1. The new album Sorry For Partyin’ just came out and is doing well in the iTunes chart, how have you celebrated thus far?
  2. Tell me about the recording of the new abum. Were you distracted at any point? And how fun was it to record?
  3. Like in the song No Hablo Ingles, have you ever done or said something comical to get out of a tight situation?Jaret, you commented on your Twitter that there was enough material for a double album. Could a double album be a possibility in the near future? and will the left over material be released at some point?
  4. When you’re not touring what do you guys like to do in your spare time?
  5. I understand that you never play to a setlist at any show, has this at any point in your career not gone according to plan i.e fuck ups etc?

    Though my interviewing skills leave a lot to be questioned I hope I get back some pretty decent answers, I sent them literally about twenty questions too hehe.

    Besides the interviewing and all that stuff I've reignited my love of Black Books and South Park this week, a Black Books marathon took place the other night so all is good

    The second half of series 13 of South Park started last week. I'm quite surprised not alot of stick was given to them by the usual conservative bandwagoners for mocking the many dead celebrities from this year. It strikes me even more that they managed to slip in Patrick Swayze so shortly after he passed on. Yes I had to laugh at the episode, I'm not gonna suck up and say it wasn't funny because that's just who I am. Its human nature to laugh at other people's misfortunes. Whoever says they've never done it is either a liar or a repressed religious nut. Just like the media, we pray on human suffering, because that's what gets the better reactions from people (and that's about as intellectual as I'll ever get so sorry to disappoint!)

    On the subject of Bowling For Soup managed to pick up their new album Sorry For Partyin' this week just before I sent my questions off to them

    It's actually a really good album. Might not be the most 'out there' album to ever grace one's ears but its a decent fun-filled record full of catchy hooks and comical lyrics that you can relate to if you dig deep and find the meaning. What makes Bowling For Soup so popular is their refusal to suck it up and kiss the arse of 'the man' like some of these bands these days do just for business purposes. (give a read of some of the press releases for Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight from 2007 and you'll see what I mean, and on that note, what a piss-poor effort that album was!)

    They certainly raised a few eyebrows in 2006 when they released The Great Burrito Extortion Case with the song "I'm Gay", in which they declared that they're sick of all these rock and metal bands coming out with all their 'we're moving to be more serious' bullshit (quick mental note: its the old meaning of the word gay; to be happy, not the meaning that makes some of you out there verrry uncomfortable, methinks Bowling For Soup were clever with that song title there hehe) I remember catching them at the 2007 Download Festival and believe me there's nothing funnier than witnessing 70,000 people in unison shouting 'I'm Gay'.

    The best song on the album has to be the Mexican-inspired 'No Hablo Ingles', a song about getting out of sneaky situations by pretending to be foreign. I wonder how many people have actually tried this? Ah well if they succeed more power to them. Overall its an album that deserves a few good listens and is perfect for house parties galore!

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