Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Video of the Day

Kind of ripping off Matt's 'Pic of the Day' on his STADIUM blog (hehe). Thought I'd might as well put a music video of the day up each day in between sticking up my layouts and written work. I can't honestly say I'm a fan of the band but this is one of the best videos out there at the moment and it tops their classic treadmill video for 'Here It Goes Again' that racked up a whopping 50 million views on Youtube. But here it is anyway, OK Go's second video for This Too Shall Pass

It's hard NOT to love this video. It shows that alot of time and consideration has been taken in
order to pull it off, which is what I like when it comes to music videos, rather than just the
mundane performance videos you normally see. Rube Goldberg machines aren't easy and can take
forever to get right, but it is amazing how they have managed to film all of this in one take.
How many times it took to film however is a mystery, but it must've taken months to build!

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