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Rammstein: Feb 2nd 2010 Manchester MEN Arena

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The Setlist:


Waidmanns Heil

Keine Lust
Weißes Fleisch

Feuer Frei!

Wiener Blut

Frühling In Paris

Ich Tu Dir Weh
Liebe Ist Für Alle Da


Links 2-3-4

Du Hast



Ich Will

After a 5 year absence Rammstein returned to the UK in literally blistering form. On this, the first night of their short UK tour they certainly prove why they are one of the most entertaining bands currently active. Sporting a new stage set (costing a whopping £2million approx.) no expense has been spared.

Opening act Combichrist set the ball rolling with their brand of industrial dance metal, reminiscent of pre-Downward Spiral NiN. Energetic vocallist Andy LaPleglua, sounding vaguely similar to Static-X's own Wayne Static gets the crowd fired up through a short set including the shoutalong 'What the F*** Is Wrong With You' but it is drummer Joe Letz and percussionist Trevor Friedrich who steal the show with their entertaining albeit at times chaotic drumming which called for a shortened set as they got too carried away and constantly smashed their respected kits up and throwing drumsticks about like no tomorrow.

Known for their shock factor, Rammstein controversially stick to material from latest album 'Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da' as well as throwing some old hits in to the mix. Other bands have tried and failed this formula but not all bands are Rammstein, whose live ethic remains the same: blasting their audience's face off with as much pyro and explosions as humanly imaginable. And that is just what they do. Guitarists Kruspe and Landers use their respected guitars to smash their way through walls either side of frontman Till Lindermann, who kicks things off making his way through a doorway onstage thanks to the use of a blowtorch. They begin explosively with 'Rammlied' with Till sporting a red apron and a hairnet, singing with a glow in his mouth thanks to a white light fitted inside.

Keyboardist Flake is legendary among Rammstein fans due to the on-stage 'abuse' he receives from Till (past incidents include a staged sodomoy that resulted in both members' arrest) but this time must be the craziest. During recent single 'Ich Tu Der Weh' Flake is dumped into a bathtub after a staged bout of fisticuffs. Till then raises himself high above the platform and dumps a tirade of sparks from a milk churn onto the bathtub, which then exploded. Shortly after the skinny keyboardist reappeared wearing a sparkling full bodied suit. And it didnt just stop there. With props such as exploding dolls with lasers in their eyes and guitarists wearing fire breathing masks it would be shocking to hear anyone complain of being even slightly chilly.

Classics such as Ich Will, Keine Lust and of course Feur Frei (with full on pyrotechnics across the stage) got the crowd ever more pumped up including the Industrial legends themselves who stormed through a note perfect 'Benzin' whilst firing a petrol pump shaped flame thrower around the stage. Also during Feur Frei one 'fan' ran around the stage maniacally, only to be set on fire and kicked down by Till. Of course, breakout songs Sonne and Du Hast were played with precision and were just as captivating as the visuals that accompanied them.

One particular highlight had to be Till straddling a giant pink cannon during 'Pussy' (a song already known for its more than risque music video) travelling left to right of the front barrier firing foam towards the crowd. Flake did his routine of surfing the crowd in a giant raft and successfully avoided being capsized, flying a British flag as he went around.

Finally on their second encore they end with 'Engel', made ever more special by a metal winged Till Lindermann (guess what was fired from the wings?). After such an explosive finale when Rammstein return to these shores in August for Sonisphere it'd be interesting to see what they can do to be able to top one of their greatest live performances ever seen.

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