Sunday, 3 January 2010

Reviews TBD

Got a hold of some new albums I'm going to have a go at reviewing, some not long released, some yet to be released (not going to let on where I got them tho hehe) I'll put them up in the next few days but so far I'll be reviewing:

*Mudvayne (self titled) - Just debuted poorly on the Billboard 200 in America. Is it the staleness of the charts to blame? Or is the album in fact, crap?

*Puddle of Mudd (Vol.4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate) - One of the bands whose career took off thanks to a number of things; their smash hit single 'Blurry' being on Limp Bizkit frontman's record label (Flawless Records) and the sceptical reason being that they took off on the the coat tails of the 'nu-grunge' trend pioneered by Stadium acts Nickelback and Staind. Last album Famous flopped, but judging by the lead single it looks like this may well be the final nail in the coffin. Only the rest of the album will tell if this will be the case

*30 Seconds to Mars (This is War) - Bravely touring UK arenas with this album next month Jared Leto and co. released their 3rd album several weeks back. So far I've only heard the first single 'Kings and Queens' and must say the optimism shows in its epic production. I look forward to hearing whether they are able to sustain interest with This is War.

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