Saturday, 12 December 2009

Better Late than never: Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

Internal conflict has always played a destructive part in some of today’s biggest rock bands. Who can forget Metallica’s 2004 film Some Kind of Monster where rage-infested drummer Lars Ulrich screamed the word f*** in the face of a calmly sat James Hetfield. Germany’s finest export Rammstein are no strangers to bust ups, having nearly called it a day after 2001’s smash hit Mutter. 2004’s Reise Reise and 2005’s Rosenrot seemed patchy at best to others and the future of the industrial sextet looked in serious doubt. You would never have guessed what problems affected Rammstein when seeing their live shows. More pyrotechnics and fireworks than your average Bonfire Night the band appear to have a lot of fun on stage (almost too much fun with props such as squirting dildo’s and frontman Till Linderman’s persistence to faux sodomize willing keyboardist Flake) Album number six Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (Love Is For Everyone), once again sees them sadly on the brink of collapse in the wake of what could be their finest album yet. The lead single ‘Pussy’, with the chorus ‘you’ve got a pussy, I have a dick, so what’s the problem? Let’s do it quick’ should be more than enough to tell you what is in store on Liebe Ist Fur All De. Catchy yet never losing its industrial vibes dancing isn’t even an option, it’s a necessity. Although for those who have seen the music video may choose to engage in something else besides dancing. In their 15 years, Rammstein have never been a band to shy away from controversy, they downright revel in it. So it only seems natural that they cover such subject as sex tourism and on ‘Wiener Blut ‘ the notorious Josef Fritzl. The overall musicianship demonstrates that Rammstein have chose to shy away from their industrial roots in favour of a more in your face metal sound. Although heavier than its predecessors there are the odd lighter moments. The fanfare introduction of Waidmanns Heil and the acoustic driven ‘Freuhling in Paris’ to name such a few. Considering their reputation it will be interesting to see how these songs transpire on their UK tour in February, a spectacle you’d be as mad as Rammstein to miss as this is a record destined for great heights and would be a shame yet a fitting tribute to Rammstein’s legacy if it were to be their swansong

Top tracks: Rammlied, Pussy, Fruling In Paris, Waidmanns Hell

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